Sunglass Chains

Onetimes, it is Summer or Spring and the weather is beautiful and the perfect season to whip our your favorite pair of sunglasses. While you're out and about and about and feel like taking off your sunglasses, we've got the perfect solution for you to rock. Sometimes putting them inside your bag might not be a good idea and besides you might just be taking a stroll in the city, shopping or just running errands and might not have carried a bag. Putting them in your back pocket can easily cause you to accidentally sit on them and crush them. Therefore, they can become inconvenient when they are not worn on your eyes, so we've done some research of reasons and options you have to solve this problem.

Losing Sunglasses

Many people have ended up losing their sunglasses because they happen to place them somewhere and then left the place without picking them. This is why we have come up with various fashion-forward ways that you can protect your eyewear when they are not worn on your face.

Keep them on the head

Putting your sunglasses on the head is obviously the most natural thing many people do. However, this is only convenient if you don't have a hair style that won't get stuck in the nose pieces and or hair products causing your glasses' lens to smear and fog up. Some hair products might also cause damage to prescription sunglasses or regular glasses which eye doctors advise against wearing those on top of your head. In addition, when they are won on top of your head the frames can bend and flex resulting in them sitting on your face crooked.

Hang them from your shirt:

Hooking your sunnies from the neckline of your shirt may look stylish and be easy however, the moment you bend over they will slip right to the ground. Aside from having to pick them back up if you have full hands, they also often will become scratched from falling onto the pavement or worse, falling into the water if you're enjoying a nice Summer day at the beach. Besides, when they fall many times, damage could occur.

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