Basics of Bracelet Stacking

Bracelet stacking lets you express your style and change up your look at any time. When you swap out different pieces, rearrange the order and pair different bracelets together, you get an almost endless number of options for your wrist. The great thing about stacking bracelets is that it works for different looks. Start with a collection of several different bracelets in varying sizes, colors, materials and textures.

It’s easy to mix and match those pieces to get the look you want for a specific occasion. You can layer thick leather bracelets with dark studded pieces and chunky metal bracelets for an edgy, rocker look. When you want something a little more feminine, choose lighter colors with a mix of beaded pieces, gemstone bracelets, and thin bangles. You can go simple and subtle for a professional setting or big and bold for a night out with the girls. Stacking bracelets doesn’t mean you should throw on every bracelet you own.

In fact, that will likely look overdone, mismatched and clunky. Pairing bracelets is a bit of an art, but some strategy goes into matching up pieces that work well together. Learning to pair pieces that complement one another and create a certain look gets you on your way to bracelet beauty.

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